Africa-Asia - A New Axis of Knowledge (Second Edition)

Building on the multiple encounters, interactions, and dialogues initiated at the first conference held in Accra, Ghana in 2015, the second conference of Africa-Asia, a New Axis of Knowledge will be held on 20-22 September 2018, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The preliminary program consists of more than 100 panels and roundtables, as well as over 400 participants representing more than 250 institutions.

This conference seeks to deepen the explorations of new realities, and long histories connecting Africa and Asia. Its central theme and purpose is a call to understand the histories and futures of Africa and Asia as simultaneously unfolding, in order to reconsider the methodologies and knowledge practices through which we understand Africa in Asia and Asia in Africa. Furthermore, it advocates for innovative ways of rethinking Africa-Asia, beyond arbitrary borders that frame scholarly work on them as “area studies”.

The conference aims to solidify an infrastructure of engagement by bringing together scholars, artists, intellectuals, and educators based in Africa, Asia, and beyond to think both comparatively and holistically about the challenges and possibilities of cross-continental and trans-regional encounters. Emphasizing an inclusive approach, the conference, modelled after its precedent, will be organized around nine broad multi-disciplinary themes and multi-sectorial groupings that highlight the flows and mobilities linking the two continents, which are: Architecture, the Urban and the Neighbourhood; Arts, Culture, and Experiments; Economy and Development; Intellectual and Cultural Encounters; (Im)migration, Diaspora, Refugees, and Identities; Knowledge Sharing between Africa and Asia; Transcontinental Connections and Interactions; Africa-Asia: Historical Dimensions; and The Indian Ocean World.

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Photo by Andrew Moore